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About Us

Our Values

We value quality, excellence, proficiency, and world-class service for our clients. We hope we can work with you soon.

People First

Quality of work



Our Process

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Review
  • Delivery of Product
  • Contract Negotiations
Contract Negotiation and Signing

A representative from Cwell Media will discuss with the client the services they would need. Cwell Media will calculate what it will take to complete the project and will send the Estimate to the client via email. Once a plan and budget are complete, a contract will be sent and signed by the Client and a representative of Cwell Media. The deposit for the production will be sent to Cwell Media to begin Pre-Production.


All resources and personnel for the production will be collected and organized. Cwell Media and the client will work together to make sure that all ideas are clear and accurate to the vision of the client. Any shooting locations, rental equipment, actors, etc. will be secured during this phase.


All filming will take place. The duration of this phase varies from project to project. Cwell Media makes sure that the client is comfortable, and that their vision is coming to fruition.


After all Principle Photography is completed during Production. All footage is then sent into processing for editing. This is where all Special Effects, Music, and Motion Graphics are added to the final product.


The Client is sent the first draft of their production for review. Once all desired changes are assessed, Cwell Media will work diligently to fulfill those requests.

Delivery of Product

Once the Product is complete to the satisfaction of the contract, Cwell Media will deliver that product to the client in the format and medium that was agreed upon. Prior to receiving the product, all final payments for the service are due.